Thursday, November 09, 2006

Im in Heaven, I'll show you Heaven...

Some memories stay
some tastes linger and
some fragrances never fade away.

I am not speaking metaphorically here. Certain things just came to my mind the other day that I thought would be worth 'penning'.
Best holiday - (one of the best holidays at least!) the memories of this will stay forever! Gals trip out to Waiheke Island. Three days of total bliss, wining n dining, absolutely fantastic beachside house atop a hill and marvelous views of the ocean stretching out before us. We laughed till we cried, stayed up all night talking about things inconsequential, cooked hearty meals and spent hours at the beach generally being silly! Those were truly the days!
Most of all we made memories to last a lifetime.

Best Fragrance - Moonflower! I dont remember the exact circumstances of my rendezvous with this perfume from the Body Shop (which is very very odd because I remember every little obscure event in my life!) which just goes to show, I guess, how this fragrance can completely and totally overpower you. It can fill your senses up to the point where you absolutely must own it! Which I do now, thanks to a birthday gift from a friend!
For a while I did think that it was just something that I found appealing. When my friends came from Auckland, we were window-shopping and I casually mentioned it outside Body Shop so we naturally walked in to take a whiff. That moment nailed it! It was not just me - It was most people! The fragrance of wild 'moonflower' with an almost imperceptible hint of musk and a summery charm. I find it irresistable!

Best taste - We contemplated ordering dessert at an Italian restaurant last night. We don't normally order dessert as we are too full from entrees (we order those because they are served quickly and satisfy the growling stomach!) and fuller still from the dinner itself! However, Tiramisu was on the menu.
Now I did argue that it couldnt possibly hold a candle to the 'Belgian chocolate waffles' at Max Brenner.
As and aside the 'waffles' story: On a trip to Melbourne I was suffering from severe stomach cramps for no reason that I could think of. Having spent all morning and most of the afternoon in bed I had to leave to get the bus back to dreary ol' Canberra. With an hour or so to kill, our friend (who now I understand was an angel in disguise!) herded us into Max Brenner chocolate cafe. I had never heard of this heaven on earth and as the magic unfolded I threw caution to the wind and decided to indulge in the Belgian Chocolate Waffles! I guess the Heavens smiled at me and all of the universe joined in an Irish tap-dance as I consumed the entire plate. First thing I had eaten all day and the stomach cramps as if never existed!
Back to Tiramisu, it did hold that candle after all and how! I read once that Tiramisu was described as 'the dessert of the Gods' - Welcome to heaven y'all!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Summer Rain

Imagine this -
Drizzle over the cricket field. Rain coming down on the trees and turning green everything it touches. The leaves glisten, the ducks frolic in the stream and the brances sway as if to the music of the wind. The earth is fragrant with fresh summer rain. The brook overflows and people bustle about in colourful umbrellas. The sky is a dusky hue and threatens a storm, twinkling mischievously. And then it comes! The skies unleash their torrent upon us and the rain beats down on man and beast alike.
The rains pass and everything looks fresh and new. The air is crisp without the chill and a tormentingly hot afternoon has instantly transformed into a pleasant, breezy and comfortable evening. Such was the scene on campus today. One would feel blessed to have witnessed such marvels of nature. I saw it all but sadly had no appreciation - my shoes had chosen to soak in the rain you see - and worse still, so had my socks!