Monday, July 31, 2006

Im running out of time to breathe! If He came to me right now and said "Alright Missy, time to move onto the 'other world', chop chop"I would have to say to Him - "Lord Almighty, I have about 15 Z-scans to finish that were due yesterday, a few bills to pay, 3 meetings, a netball game and a self defence class so, I don't think this is a good time!".
I need a crash course in time-management. A bloody good one! Tell me who here has time to do everything and still have that half hour or so before bed, to write a blog, read a book or just -to be! And, does it not strike you as odd, that all the people that did not have time for a 'hello' now have time for full fledged hour long conversations! The irony of it all!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Travels and Tribulations

A friend told me to recount my travelling experiences in a blog. Once again I shall refer my readers to a previous post, enlightening them of my sheer despair at the thought of travelling, let alone the actual undertaking of a journey.
When I finished my undergrad, I took up a PhD. The feeling was one of comfort and like a warm blanket knowing (rather hoping!) that I wouldnt have to travel much (ok home to work one cannot avoid even if it is Canberra!) and I could spend three years, or more, of my life cooped up in the warmth, isolation and familiarity of a lab. ITS ALL A FACADE - PHD STUDENTS HAVE TO TRAVEL! Woe is me.
So anyhow, back to my conquests for this month - turns out June-July-August are 'conference months'. Come end of June everybody's bags are packed in anticipation of a paid holiday of sorts. Days filled with pointless lectures (of which only about 5% have to do with your work!), filling dinners and flowing alcohol. Great!
So, first getaway spot was sunny Brisbane, or so Ive heard. While Canberrians froze in sub-zero temperatures, Brisbanites were takin out their light jackets for an 18 degree breeze! Flight into Brisbane was uneventful (although, I must say one cannot appreciate a cold breakfast at 6.30 am in Canberra winter!). Upon arrival weather was satisfactory and we all headed to UQ for the conference. Ok, so given that the first 2 conferences I attended as a PhD student were at the Sky City Hotel (5 star no less!) and The Hilton Sydney - UQ unfortunately could not hold a candle.
However, such minor lapses as 'no tea upon arrival' can be overlooked in the light of bigger things such as - the conference!
Now people often ask me why I am paranoid about travelling, the reason is simple. When one travels one needs to put up with things. I am out of my comfort zone and hence I must bear everything that is thrown at me with a stiff-upper-lip and a smile to boot.
The accomodation was pathetic in Brisbane! Common toilets and showers! *uggghhh* and Brisbanians think that the room doesnt need heating even when temps hit about 5 deg C in the night! Anyhow, I think i must put an end to this ranting and raving because a week and a half later I was enjoying myself in beautiful, 'has character' Melbourne, 4 star accomodation, good food and the like. Bliss.... I guess one must have the bad to appreciate the good. However, in all that Brisbane had to offer I had a wonderful time at the conference and with two of my friends who made the trip one to remember!