Monday, July 31, 2006

Im running out of time to breathe! If He came to me right now and said "Alright Missy, time to move onto the 'other world', chop chop"I would have to say to Him - "Lord Almighty, I have about 15 Z-scans to finish that were due yesterday, a few bills to pay, 3 meetings, a netball game and a self defence class so, I don't think this is a good time!".
I need a crash course in time-management. A bloody good one! Tell me who here has time to do everything and still have that half hour or so before bed, to write a blog, read a book or just -to be! And, does it not strike you as odd, that all the people that did not have time for a 'hello' now have time for full fledged hour long conversations! The irony of it all!

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