Wednesday, February 02, 2011

And just to prove that it does run in the family - a little gem by my sister...

For those who have been
For those yet to be seen
For those who want to belong
For those lost in the throng

For those who the eyes perceive
But the mind willingly deceives
For those we will never understand
For those with heads buried in the sand

For those who relentlessly try
Harder and harder just to get by;
For those who can afford leisure
And whose wealth is beyond measure

For those to who time was kind
Whom malady and tragedy never did find
For those that time forgot
Always at the end of their lot

For those whom humanity did not seek
Only prejudice and hatred made weak
For those of belligerent disposition
Whom peace and amity never propositioned

For those who privilege followed
And pride and greed hastily swallowed
For those consumed in vices
Only desire and indulgence entices

And finally for those who learn from this life
That love is the antidote to all this strife
That solitude is a choice, not a compulsion
That freedom is arduous work and devotion

For those who learn to turn the other cheek
For those who remain quiet, but never meek
For those whose faith is boundless
For those who endeavour to share happiness

For those with dignity and intelligence
And most of all, a little common sense!
A kudos, a salutation and an applause
For these are the ones who strive for a cause
It is true, they may be born after you - but they're in no way behind you!