Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It is here again. This strange unsettled feeling. The tasks for the day even the week, are done and elation should slowly be taking over instead it isn't. Quite the opposite really. As an aside, typing out blogposts on an iPad is mighty inconvenient. That's all folks. Really that is all.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Once again as the to do list runs away from me and I make attempts to swat at it, I come back to write. It has been a triumphant week. A week which makes the sleepless nights, grey hair and aching bones worth it. But I am not at peace. I am not feeling my heart and brain pump its fit in joy and scream 'I did it'! Take that all you sceptics!'. I feel mellow, solemn. Not in the Zen way that I would like to feel. Rather in a beaten way, with a dash of anxiety thrown it. I guess one can attribute it to the uncertainties looming on the horizon. Which could turn into a sunny patch or a raging storm - only time will tell.
Anyhow, one is literally trying to keep the proverbial chin up and smile. Smile at all the uncertainties and proceed to bash them in the head. Then, maybe then I will be able to do the cheer and make a song and dance about it.