Friday, December 18, 2009

I must write, I must write - I have been telling myself for weeks. I vowed to write once I was back home, more relaxed and able to think.
The thesis has been submitted, at long last one might say. I hope that apart from the agony of reading the 150 odd pages, the markers also sense my agony in writing it.
The events post submission are now blurred. There was a wonderful and wild farewell party, well into it not many could remember what they were there for!
There was packing and travel and plans and bookings and more packing and buying and sorting.
But now I'm home, one of them anyway. It would be unfair to say that after 4.5 years, Canberra was not home. It was. In fact it was my first home away from home. A home I made myself, filled it with things, events and memories completely my own.
Learned, re-learned and un-learned several things along the way and I'm the wiser for the experience.
Brussels is next - post holiday in NZ and engagement. Yes those are my priorities, in that order. It promises to be new and promises to be cold.
For the handful of people that read this blog - come visit me.
Happy holidays everyone!!