Friday, September 21, 2012

It is that time of the year again. The time to hail the remover of obstacles. Ganpati. 
I had reminisced on this blog of the days spent with Ajji and Tata. Of the pooja feeling and how it will stay with me forever. Well this year, instead of moaning about it I decided to bring in the pooja feeling myself. The husband was duly instructed to clean the house and himself early on the day and I too managed to wake up, shower and even put together a make-shift payasam for naivedya. Silver diyas were taken out of paper wrappings and given a polish, cotton wool diyas were made. Prayers were said, incense lit and soon the house smelled of sweet payasa and agarbatti
There is plenty to thank the Lord for. Plenty more that needs his divine intervention. But, omnipotent and omniscient that he is, he knows this. 
On this day, more than ever, I missed those that have passed on. Some untimely. But I know they bless us. And the show must go on...