Friday, August 27, 2010

I think in blogs every now and then. Just don't get around to typing my thoughts. It is a rainy Friday morning. A Friday of a very busy week where things that were not priority got done and those that were priority are still sitting on the back burner, getting slowly charred.
If I were to begin where I left off, we would have to journey back to June and the wedding. I realise that there wasn't a wedding post. Now it is only snippets from memory:
- Being received by my uncles at Auckland airport - for someone so used to hunting for the bus/train/taxi rank at airports this was brilliant!
- The food! Oh! the food.
- Cousins at home, after 12 long years!
- Cousins' babies in tow
- Noise, deafening noise
- Laughter, tears, late nights
- More food
- Friends who are so much more than just friends
- The beautiful mandap, the clouds clearing just in time
- Eating out of silver plates
- The glowing reception
- Colour, chaos, contentment
- Dancing till our legs fell off!

Yes, it was a Wedding to be remembered. It was not completely the happy chaotic affair I had hoped for, nor was it executed with clockwork precision (that my Mom hoped for) but the anthem was and still is - All izz well!