Thursday, August 31, 2006

It seems the Hindi movie watching world is divided - into people that loved 'Kabhi Alvida...' and people that hated it.
Love it or leave it, this movie has really got the Industry buzzing. The issue of infidelity has, no doubt, been dealt with before. Some critics say that they were unable to identify with the characters, others complained that the plot was not thick enough and even others ranted about the lack of 'dark'ness surrounding this supposedly 'dark' topic! (Im sure that people who go out and have an extra-marital affair, even if in the 'dark' per se, rarely think so at the time!).
One review I really liked, approached the movie in a very mature way - it said that the movie entertains but one comes out not liking it much - so basically watch it but you won't like it! Which is pretty much 'nail on the head'.
A lot of critisisms seem based on people's liking or otherwise of the actors and not really the characters they play. Many thought that Rani Mukerji had no character, I thought that it was her character to have no character! (Maybe I missed something 'deeper'!)
People like RM's character do exist, although I do hope for their sake, that they do not end up with people like SRK's character! I mean ideally they should shoot each other as it is just a disaster waiting to happen!
But coming back to the character - hygiene obsessed (its genetic believe me!), frustrated, pining, sad-sack! Such people are all around us, all we need to do is look and listen hard! People that take pleasure in self-pity, Hell! I take pleasure in self-pity, it is a lovely place to be in. One doesnt have to do a thing, because its a comfort zone. The lack of something to make your life exciting enough - albeit your own doing- seems reason enough to mope!
Such people need to be shaken out of it! An extra-marital affair will not cure this state of mind. In fact I think sympathy makes it worse. You will hate someone (momentarily) for telling you to snap out of it, but when you do (snap!) its like ... magic!
Personally, I have no sympathy for people who indulge in extra-marital affairs. One relationship is complicated enough without adding another to the equation, n'est-ce pas?

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Bhavya said...

hey ! been a while since i read your blog..thoroughly enjoyed reading it today ! it was hysteria on TV..every other channel had srk and k johar intellectualising their thoughts on extra marital affairs yada yada..

i overheard a conversation between 2 ladies at office in the rest room the other day..and suddenly the devil in me woke up !

lady A : i watched kank could she do that ??? b$#@h !!! thank god i didnt take my husband along to watch it..i mean..sometimes all these things really affect the mind.

lady 2 : (as-a-matter-of-factly tone ) yeah..i dont know why they portray marraiges like that..

me : slightly choked ! i cudnt care less getting to understand the essence of kank , but what appalled me was that..these two ladies made insecurity sound so natural!i left the rest room with a silent prayer..