Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Year Revolutions!

So its the new year, time to be out with the old and in with the new. The end of last year for me can only be described as tumultuous, no less. I am still trying to clamber out from rock-bottom. Whoever said that once you hit rock-bottom the only way you can go is up, didn't consider the possibility that once you hit rock bottom you might wander down there forever!
I take refuge in sarcasm and causticity (if that is a word!), it is the one constant in my life and something that can be called upon in any circumstance good or bad and it will never let me down. It is my sanctuary. More so because my options for coping are limited - laugh like a moron, cry like an idiot or lace everything in sarcasm to the point where everything only elicits a callous, non-committal and non-caring reaction.

Some things I have come to realise from last year's events:

1. Caring unconditionally for anyone/thing will only lead to heartache, headache and muscular fatigue.

2. When you have to literally pick up your flatmate's dirty linen you should rethink the whole 'end of lease clean up', listen to good advice and torch the place.

3. No two people are compatible - the making of relationships is a fundamentally flawed process and the only way two people can live under one roof (and emit a sense of harmony and well-being to the outside world) is through total dominance and/or subservience.
Compromise is a myth as is compatibility.

4. If you have children under the age of 3 please have the good sense not to travel half the world (on an aircraft) with them till they are old enough to realise or listen to you when you tell them not to kick the seat in front of them and bawl like there is no tomorrow. Because invariably it will be me in that seat in front!

5. It takes more strength of character to stand up to your friends than to your enemies.

6. It is always better to be the exploiter than the exploitee (if those are the only two options!).

7. I have also learned that realisaton and learning are two completely different concepts.

Happy New Year everyone!!


Vatsa said...

Sounds like you learned quite a few things in 2006....May the trend continue in 2007, and may you not be charged with arson if you do decide to torch ur flatmate's dirty linen! :-)

Fat Tony said...

I hope you realize: you inadvertently took a swing at sara. :P

I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through a terrible ordeal. If your analogy is anything to by you can probably take solace from the fact that no one handed you a shovel.