Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Odds n Ends

The strangest thoughts come to me in that semi-conscious state just before I fall into deep sleep. In fact they would make for the best blogs, sadly they are off and gone by the time I wake up.
I tick off in my head the things that tick me off (or what really 'grinds my gears' as Peter Griffin would say) -
Right up on the list would be Canberra weather, it seems to want to make an example for the rest of the world by going through more than four seasons in 24 hours!
Coming in a close second would be my persistent allergy/cold/blocked nose, whatever the heck it is that has come and decided to stay indefinitely. Making me want to sneeze at the most inappropriate of times and causing me to try all sorts of tissue from Eucalyptus scented to Aloe-Vera, to no avail. Homeopathy, aleopathy, spritual healing or natural healing, im willing to try it all just to get rid of this blasted nasal irritation.
Third on the list would possibly be 'An year' and 'leaving to so-and-so place'. I do not claim that I am God's gift to the English language, however when I am wrong, I do my best to correct it.
Fourth would absolutely have to be bawling babies. I feel that requires no further explanation. Everyone has had an annoying 'bawling baby' moment (or hour!).
Other than all that, life is beautiful.

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