Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My day of reckoning

It usually only takes one thing to go right or wrong to turn a day from good to bad. Ive been battling the light at work the last few days. After recovering from a bad case of inflamed tonsils, I returned to a pile of work to be done in two weeks, before I head off for my big OE - and as fate would have it nothing worked like it used to.
So with low energy levels, im still pumping iron supplements and Multi-V capsules, and absolutely no inclination to do the hundred odd things that I have to do during one day - I continued to fight. Finally I gave up and pleaded with my supervisor to provide the experiment with the one thing that is guaranteed to make it work - his magic touch. In doing this I was expecting that he would find no mistake in what I had done - after all I had covered my bases twice over!
Alas! I was let down by a stupid camera! A camera!!! The shame of it all - oh well each day is a learning experience and this is why two heads, four eyes and four hands are better than one, two and two respectively.
A bit of introspection never hurts, nor does a bit of sing-song while walking the corridors for that matter. Keeps things interesting.

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Amu said...

Hey girl, long time no write...all ok with you?