Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is it worth it?

This blog is not as expected, expected would be some exciting story about my travels through Europe - yes it was pretty exciting!
This blog is about whether it is really worth leaving home to come and study in a foreign land, in sub-zero temperatures where one can barely walk let alone think of new ideas!
So what brings on this rant?
We bought a new home. This is my parents did and my sister ( who is a lucky undergrad and only has to study on university working days and gets half the year or some such absurd amount of time off!) flew back for holidays and is moving into the new home as I type.
Home is my refuge, my stability and I am OK with travelling the world as long as I know where home is (not just the suburb but the position of every table!).
After nearly a decade of hard work and determination my parents have finally got our haven, the perfect beach side home that we dreamed of (I think that is what it is, since I have only seen the top of it on google earth so far!).
Last night the emotions took over and I wept for not being there for the 'pooja'. For the first time I am not there to go shopping for 'pooja' things with my dad. Not around to pick the flowers, buy the umpteen things on Ma's shopping list, go back with dad to exchange things and laugh because we always make the same mistakes. Not there to make the calls, take the calls, return the calls - just not there.
So now you think to yourself - 'she's in Australia for Pete's sake, hop over to NZ and stop the moaning' - well not to simple. There's this monster called 'paper submission' looming over my head and since this whole Tour de Europe, now seems ill timed - well there you have it.
And ill-timed not just for the reasons stated above but also for the weather! Canberra is freezing and I am frozen. My aged symptoms are back with a vengeance and are wrecking havoc on my already weather-beaten body. Inhuman I tell you! Gods have mercy!
So you tell me - is it worth it or should I just gun it back home, double speed?

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go home.