Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If wishes were horses...

The life that I want:
A hill-top house overlooking the ocean. A huge bed with Egyptian cotton sheets and a balcony with lie-back chairs. Wake up in the morning and shower in a black tiled bathroom. Have breakfast in an airy, sunny kitchen/dining and head off to work in my sleek-black car (the make and model of which varies in my head!). Work is on the top floor of a high rise and even though the details of the job are blurred, everyday I do something I love and so the time passes quickly. The weather is sun with a cool breeze, I don't even mind the occasional drizzle or clouds (no heavy rain!). There are parks and people and the bustle of life to weave through on the way back home and once home there is a warm cup of tea, maybe a hot-bath with some good music. Dinner is home-cooked almost always and ranges from Indian to anything else exotic. Some TV on a flat-screen before heading to bed.

The life I have:
Bottom-floor apartment where almost all the sunlight is blocked off by huge bushes. No bed - just two mattresses piled one on the other. Struggle to wake up each morning, no time to make breakfast or eat it. If I have bought Up 'n' Go then that is breakfast! Rush to work in my bottle green Suzuki (which is the highlight of my day) with good music playing. Work is in the middle of nowhere and usually involves spending the day in the lab in the basement with no windows. Weather is either scorching hot or freezing cold with a few pleasant days thrown in. There is barren land, no people and no bustle of life. Once home there are dishes to do and bathroom and kitchen to clean. Dinner is usually last night's leftovers or takeaway (I try to cook as often as energy permits!). Some DVDs, on a Dick Smith DVD player bought for $60 which stops working as and when it pleases, to watch before falling asleep on the couch.

Now that I read the life I have - it doesnt sound half bad!

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