Monday, August 25, 2008

Fame and the mundane

The radio gig is done and needless to say it was a very exciting experience. The guy interviewing me really knew his stuff and even made me think on my feet with a few questions about a single photon source developed at the Univ. of Melbourne.
The podcast of the competition speech has been released and when I listened to myself - I sound like a ten year old! Anyhow, the weekend passed by in a blur and I can barely remember when Friday ended and Monday began. I feel like going home, curling up on the couch with a mug of hot something and either watching TV all day long or reading a book. Such thoughts are natural on a murky cloudy day but what warrants such thoughts when the sun is out - I do not know.
A ton of things have been done and a ton more await however I take solace in the fact that one way or another this PhD will be out of my hands, this time next year. Whether 'done and dusted' or 'tried and failed' is yet to be seen.
Why this positivity? Well I'm sleepy. Sleep deprived. Yawning. Want to go to bed. Eyelids 'a droopin. But I have yet to go sort out the electricity bill so, everybody, we're back to the mundane!


Vatsa said...

so....? send me the link to the interview lady!!

Amrita said...

Sorry Vatsa the interview is not online yet. Will let you know when it is :-D

Ashanka said...

oh me godd!! full celebrity and all.. did I tell you, I got on radio once for one of those stupid online contests and bashed a guy on air over a topic called "is bond a woman??"

Don't ask, I have quite a murky past don't I??