Saturday, September 05, 2009

I have had several 'opening lines' over the last few weeks. I began writing and then changed my mind, hit delete and the words were lost forever.
I'm half way through my stay in Brussels, half way through work and half way through the introduction to what my life will be like for the next three years.
It is interesting, to say the least. Things that I thought I could take for granted, I cannot. Things that I thought I would never want to do, turns out I do!
It is a different way of life here, one that is far removed from Australia or New Zealand, the only two places I have lived in. It is so different , the European vacation, from trying to make a life here. One has to overcome the language barrier, the right-handed traffic, the food. Yes the food. While fries dipped in chocolate are alright for a week, they can have a rather unpleasant effect on the stomach! The history and 'culture' also takes getting used to. The transition is not easy, is not going to be easy.
There are of course the positives, work and well its Europe for Godsakes! A 'whole new world' at my feet waiting to be explored and the like. And while I am looking forward to it, every once in a while, late and night when I'm in that semi-conscious state between sleep and wakefulness I feel a weak longing. A tugging, a feeling - that says 'I dont want change, I dont want to change' . I dont want to leave family and friends so far behind.
'Tis unfortunate and downright unfair that one cannot have everything ! Because that is what I want, not a whole new world - but the best of both worlds - together - at once!!
God - are you listening? It's Amrita.

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