Friday, May 21, 2010

It has not become imperative to record here the events of the last few months for posterity. I can count the hours of sleep I have had since the last time I updated this space - not many. It's been a stomach churning roller coaster with all the highs and lows that go with such a ride. The PhD is done. Wrapped. Sealed. Delivered. And much as the heart breaks at not having the opportunity (read leave and money) to attend graduation and receive the very degree for which one has suffered more sleepless nights, grayed the hair and generally lost all confidence and faith in Science - it is consolation that said certificate will now vie to hang proudly on a wall at home.
It came as a surprise that writing the thesis was but the tip of the iceberg. Once the markers were done tearing it apart, searching for every missing comma in every caption of every figure (which is no small task considering there were over 50 figures!)the 'student area' which is a grey area where theses go to die, decided to sit on it till the chickens hatched. Meanwhile, back in Brussels the admin were sitting on my head and breathing down my neck for every cent that I was costing them. As a result of which many a heated email was exchanged between self and supervisor, many a secretary was wakened to do the jobs they are paid for and many a sister (ok just the one) was called upon to trudge to printers and binders. At the end of all this though, I now have the very prestigious and a little ostentatious title of Dr.
So the week following this ordeal was spent in Scotland - road trip London to Scotland with a friend. Broken windscreen and taped on rear view mirrors notwithstanding, us two girls really painted the towns and the motorways red. The 'official' reason for the trip was a meeting in St. Andrews - the home of golf- which was duly played, on immaculate courses and amidst professionals who, surprisingly enough, didn't laugh us off the course. A visit to Scunthorpe, Edinburgh, Glasgow and of course finishing off in London with the 'Londoners' - a great week!
The time back has been a little flu ridden. Overcoming a hangover and exhaustion whilst having to pack up is not something to look forward to. The next bit of excitement awaits. The family has started flying in, stress and smiles both growing. Cross your fingers that airline strikes and volcanoes hold off to get home safely. See yer all on the other syde.

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