Friday, August 12, 2011

So so so this blog has been eating dust for far too long! And just as it sputters, coughs and decides to breathe its last there I am, revival kit in hand!
I am choosing not to dwell on the past - although there is far too much to dwell upon. Instead I want to write an ode to two people - my hairdresser from Canberra and my dentist from Auckland.
Now I know that Ashanka of Spiritus Mundi fame somehow climbed into my head ten minutes ago and wrote out my thoughts on the hair dresser (yes, we're telepathic like that!) but oh well - no amount of paeans sung to soul-mate hairdressers is enough say I. See, the thing about a soul mate hair dresser is that they're like the man you want. They that just get you. You walk into their hands unsure and nervous and they pull you out of the depths of despair by making you look all shiny and wavy and suddenly the birds are a'chirpin and the geese are a'layin and its Christmas in June! And suddenly you feel like Julie Andrews singing 'I have confidence in confidence alooooone...' and you know that no amount of horrible supervisors or pesky co-workers can get you down.
Hairdressers and a good dentist. I need a dentist. Not in the 'pull out my rotting molar' kind of way but just for a thumbs up that it's all ok in there. And that my sub conscious teeth grinding hasn't worn em all off! I left my dream dentist in Auckland. Very few people, correct that, no one can tell you that you are a challenge and make you feel good about it the way she did! Sitting on that chair I used to find myself wishing that she was my shrink (no I don't have one yet) instead of my dentist and but for the funny contraptions in my mouth and, you know the fact that she was my dentist(!), I would have spilled my guts to her in a heartbeat.
Unfortunately, Brussels hasn't revealed any soulmates yet. The hairdresser is good although I can only say 'layered' in French and she goes on to do whatever she likes. I on my part am too nervous about her little pet dog nipping around my feet to really care.
On the other hand, I don't want to give Brussels the opportunity to reveal its dentists to me, soul mate or otherwise. Going by my recent medical experience I would prefer not to know.

It feels good to write again. In the golden words of my dentist ' floss the ones you want to keep'. I'm going to read too much into it and assume she meant ' take care of the things that matter'.

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