Wednesday, April 26, 2006


It is my dream to be an author and whenever I get the chance I never fail to tell close friends that, someday I will write a book. What about - not sure yet, how - no idea! But I still dream on, I say dream and not persevere because in reality I havent even begun!
So when I created my own blog-site what-have-you, I vowed that I would try to write something everyday, or atleast every other day - and so far I have managed to keep this up (I think I have!). However, it might soon become every other other day and eventually just when I have time. So till then do keep up!
As it were I am getting side tracked from the main subject of this blog - ANZAC Day. 25th April is a day dedicated to celebrating the lives of the numerous soldiers who give their lives for their country. Fight till the end and never question - just do or die. In Canberra the celebrations began as early as 5.30 am with the dawn service and...wait for it...I attended!!! Since I live a stone's throw from the War Memorial I thought I should add this on to my (rapidly gettin longer) list of experiences. The service itself was lovely and solemn and Im glad I woke up early (I can count on one hand such early morning risings and this one was definitely worth it!).
Sadly, I dont know much about the Army Corps. Few distorted snippets of information is all I have but something in the way that everyone seemed that morning, the record turn out of people of all ages and from all walks of life, parking their car several kms away and walking in sub zero temperatures to pay tribute to these armed men and women whose unquestioning dedication allows commoners like you and I to sleep at night knowing that we are secure in some way - all this made me think.
Many of us go through our lives in a very careless and sometimes callous manner. How many of us think of these others, people just like us, who are driven by an urge to serve their country. I hold the Armed Corps. in high esteem - it is the most selfless service.
Very unfortunate, though, that the governments these people serve are, more often than not, undeserving...

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AI said...

lady! aussies fought in two wars (mebbe 3). Stop being so senti :P.
The war memorial is great though