Monday, April 24, 2006

Trials and Tribulations - Life of a laser Physicist Part 1

Its been 5 hours - 5 long hours of my life dedicated to coupling light into a chalcogenide wafer on silicon substrate (dont look- there is no appendix to explain the 'geek and latin' terms! :-D). In fact it would be good if God had given us an appendix to refer to, a book of life with suitable appendices to which we could refer whenever life gave us something we never bargained for. Somewhere we could look and check, where things were in context! A place like no other where all the c**p that happened to you was explained - plain and simple! Look in there and you would think 'Aaaaaaaaaahhh...that's why ... now it all makes sense'. But, as life (and God) would have it there is no such book and no such appendix - hence we must trudge along our lives and keep pondering and wasting time over things that seem so trivial and so useless (such as the aforementioned 5 hour long task) and better still we must suffer over things that never work and to cap it all off we must still have the longing and drive to be the physicist that we set out to be in the first place. In spite of coupling being so difficult, there is still hope! :-)
Maybe God did give us an appendix after all...

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quasar said...

I guess God does have an appendix, its only that we havent been able to find it...maybe human beings are still not eveolved enough to locate it, read it or understand it. But the people who come closest to deciphering the code of genesis are physicists like you because i strongly believe that God after all did not play dice with the Universe :))