Friday, February 23, 2007

How much land does a man need?

Just read a short story by Tolstoy (ref: blog title for title). Who am I to judge the works of such genius - but for whatever its worth, it is brilliantly written. Tolstoy writes with such vigour and passion. It is almost like somebody shaking the vices out of you - revealing so basic a truth that you wonder how you missed it.
I have had a wonderful week thanks to the Annual Workshop. I am not at liberty to give away many details but I can say this. Once again we were driven off to exotic Murramarang Resort near Bateman's Bay (South Coast) for three days and a night. We wined and dined with some bright minds in the business.
The South Coast is beautiful and teeming with flora and fauna. Wallabies frolicked outside my cabin which was amidst the wilderness (the big wigs had the beachside cabins!). So late last afternoon I set off armed with some towels and a book to read on the beach. It was peaceful (relatively) but for some crazy Danes snorkeling! I read The Kiterunner, while I still have a long way to go, the first quarter is very well written. I also proceeded to fall asleep on the beach - sun surf 'n' all! Something that counts as a first, in spite of having spent nearly a decade in New Zealand. Try it, you'll like it (New Zealand and sleeping on the beach on a warm, sunny afternoon).
Right now I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Oh! to be back there ... 'No worries' however, Ill be off on another conference soon. C'est La Vie.


Kavi said...

Wow! Your post took me to the South Coast itself!...Can reeeally relate to that as my hometown Chennai has the world's longest beach too...hmmm lovely, but for the mid summer sun!!!

Vik said...

chennai sucks..