Monday, April 30, 2007


'How was your day'? I get asked this question rather often. Today I would reply comme si comme sa. Started off beautifully - I made it, in good time, to my morning meeting and managed to finish off everything on the morning 'to-do' list. It is yet afternoon so I cannot foretell the rest of the day but already I feel a bit blue.
See, friendships can be tedious sometimes. They can make one feel down just as they can be uplifting. I adore my friends, every single one of them. We all can be a handful at the best of times and we all can be demanding and obnoxious and pathetic and painful, downright rude and terribly thoughtful and sweet. It really depends on which day you choose to take your poll.
One thing I've come to realise though. We are not friends because of our interests or our likes and dislikes - we are friends in spite of all that.


Vik said...

hahaha is this in response to mayus mail?!

Amrita said...

Ya i think it is,

AI said...

amen to that ;). Not sure about the context and why you feel bluesy but big Hug anyway

Amrita said...

bluesy- hehe very Scrubs! huggsies!

OnCloud9 said...

hehe....i never thought about mayu's mail till i read the comment....hmmmm...

hehe...but well said

i agree

there is something or the other that i find irritating about most of my friends...but i love them all unconditionally
so it doesnt really matter :)