Friday, August 03, 2007

Odds n Ends ... again!

One can spend one's life on YouTube. Im hooked, more so since my tv has terrible reception thanks to the internal aerial that does not do its job. My sister, who is ultra-informed about reality show goings on told me to watch Paul Potts on Britain's Got Talent. From what little knowledge I have about American Idol, I know that Simon 'Cow'ell is trouble and when middle-aged, unassuming and very unsure-of-himself Paul walked in for his audition and announced 'Im going to sing opera' the skepticism did not go unnoticed. In fact the judges did nothing to hide it! And then it happened! He started to sing - what melody, what a voice and how totally wonderful the experience. The audience was on its feet a few seconds later and Simon 'too-blunt' Cowell was almost speechless.
I have a Simon Cowell attitude towards lack-of-talent. I believe that people who have no talent for a particular something should not attempt that thing in public and certainly not on TV. There was a show on Sun TV, I think, many years ago where little talentless kids would come and sings songs and recite rhymes and the like. Utter rubbish! It is unneccesary to put your child or yourself through humiliation of such sort. I believe that all human beings are good at something. In fact very good. One just has to introspect. Back to Paul Potts, he went on to win BGT and rightly so!
And speaking of talented/talentless - Himesh Reshammiya of Aashiq Banaya fame. HR featured on Koffee with Karan sometime last week methinks. I never categorized Reshammiya as having talent. I figured he either copied that blockbuster tune or got lucky. I was also of the notion that he has a bad temper, never smiles, was not very educated and his fame was very much undeserved. The interview however, completely changed my perception. HR is a very well educated, god fearing and spiritual person. He knows that he is not very talented and even admits that he just got lucky! It is a story of bad times falling on a good person and even though I am still not a big fan of the music (must admit it is catchy!) or the movie (good heavens what was he thinking!) I have some new found respect for the man.

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AI said...

bite your tongue woman!!! Respect for HIM?? he's such a hack!! I saw bits of it and well lets say he didn't endear himself to me. qjpg