Tuesday, October 02, 2007

In the land of dreams!

I have often wondered why my dreams are so benign. Not that I want 'malignant' dreams of world domination or violent outbursts, but I often wonder why my dreams are not grand. Aside from the usual 'teeth falling out' or 'room full of snakes' that recur frequently, almost all of my dreams have me running errands for somebody else, or studying for an upcoming exam - you get the drift. I have never dreamed the cliched 'naked in public' dream or 'winning a beauty contest' for that matter. It may be that my conscious being does not permit these thoughts. It might well be that I am far too sure of never being caught without clothes or equally certain of never participating in a beauty contest! I don't really find solace in this. Are dreams not meant to be exactly as the word suggests - exciting and sometimes unachievable, fantastic!
Speaking of dreams - I am now (almost!) recovered from my trip to the US of A. LA and San Jose all in a week's work. Exciting stuff. 'So... how was it' you ask? 'Wonderful' ... I say.
The best part being that I caught up with my cousins whom I haven't seen in a very long time, far too long really. Do not nurture dreams of Californication yet, however it is a great holiday 'desi'-tination!
This visit has made my family members very happy. In particular my grand-father who has relentlessly tried to make me see sense and move to 'the states'. 'Aun noDo, software engineering maaDi, America li tumba sambLa ante' (look at him, he did his software engineering and now earns a fat sum of money in America). Although I let him down by not doing Software Engineering, he still hopes that I will move to America and strike it big.
Maybe, it is after all 'the land of dreams' is it not?


AI said...

Not america - I got conned of 160 bucks (read *VERY* expensive cab ride), lost my luggage there and was refused room service.

I hate the place

Btw, tell more about US trip please

Vatsa said...

Well at least your dreams are somewhat real....I dream of talking vegetarian dinosaurs visiting me for a cup of tea....go figure!