Monday, November 05, 2007

Also watched 'Laaga chunari mein Daag'. It adds on to the ever continuing list of 'controversial' different films that Bollywood is aiming to make. However the story is done and dusted. But for the picturesque portrayal of Benaras the movie is found lacking in many many aspects. What irks me most is the ultimate message of the movie which seems to be that any woman, a callgirl, a prostitute, an escort, anyone, is 'forgiven' all her 'sins' if she gains the acceptance of a man and - here's the clincher- if he marries her! If he (HE!) is ready to overlook it - who are we to point fingers eh?!
When oh when will we get over this inherent obsession that a woman needs a man to validate her. Or maybe I completely missed the 'deeper' point.
As an aside, I bought the DVD of this movie at an Indian store here and as always the subtitles are hilarious! The conversation between Rani M and Jr. AB when she reveals why she absolutely cannot be with him went something like this:

RM - main koi event manager nahin hoon (Translated: I am not any event manager)
RM - Main ek escort hoon (Translated: I am Scot)?!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!?????!!!!

Needless to say I almost fell off the chair laughing! Enjoy!

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