Friday, November 09, 2007

Chak De!

It is easy to lose a good'un amidst all the rubbish doled out by Bollywood. One such is 'Chak De' . Even though it is c/o Yashraj Films it is very much minus a mindless love-story, no plot and white-clad heroines running around in the Swiss Alps. Turns out the director, Shimit Amin, has worked on several Ram Gopal Varma movies and was indeed discovered by RGV himself. Good on Aditya Chopra I say, for giving him his directorial debut. And what a debut it was!
I personally hold that any director who can make SRK act - and I mean really act - not just 'overact his way across India' stuttering and bleeding, is due some credit.
Ashutosh Gowarikar did it in Swades and now Amin has managed to it in Chak De. Restraint makes an actor.
I loved the moment in the movie when the women's hockey team mercilessly beat up a bunch of rowdies teasing their team members. Indian men are disgusting. While I am in India I am oblivious now to men looking at me, making lude comments. Boys aged 14 and men aged 40, all do it. It is not like I dress less. I am covered neck to ankle, trust me, I wouldn't leave the house any other way in India be it scorching heat or blistering cold. Still, no respite from cat-calls, whistles and the like. It is plain disgusting. What I would not give to just pick up a hockey stick and whack the living bejeezus out of those men. When I watched it happen in this movie I felt like jumping from my seat, pumping my fists in the air and shouting 'hooray! you go girls!'.
Needless to say this movie appeals to the female-chauvinist in me.

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Vatsa said...

Wasn't just you. I loved that moment in the movie too....made me wanna clap and cheer for the cool girl from Punjab!