Wednesday, December 05, 2007


There is plenty to write about even without breaking down the year in three sentences (I am going to try to do that for the blog at the end of this year - 'My year in 3 sentences' - why 3, I don't know!).
So I went to India for my sister's wedding (and before you start bombarding my 20 yr old blood-sister with queries, it was my cousin's wedding!) and for once the whole family would be there. No I mean the whole family. Brilliant!
So after an exhausting day of air travel and more air travel within the land where i was given birth, the land that gave me my skin-colour and immunity to harmful virus and bacteria (do you know HOW immune we Indians are!) we finally arrived in good 'ol Bhopal. I say good 'ol because that city has not changed since I was about 10. Well it has changed a little in that some paan shops might have been replaced by shopping malls and you can buy everything from an Irish pin to an Italian piano there!
The wedding was fantastic to say the least. I never thought of myself as a wedding person but needless to say we all got caught up in the excitement of things and after one impromptu 'musical-skit' and several pats on the back for carrying on the family 'drama' genes, I was well and truly in.
Good food, good wine, good music and excellent conversation.
My family is, for want of a better adjective, stimulating. We fight, we argue, we laugh, we cry and then we hug and bid goodbye only to do it all again at the next gathering. Stick us all in one room and give us room - we will change the world!
I miss my family. For better or for worse we are who we are and we are related to who we are and nothing can change that.
Memories of this trip will last forever. So P and S - Wish you both a very happy married life!

Of other things. I am back in Canberra as of Friday last and since then things have gone from dull to duller. Watched Aaja Nachle, as I had to pay my tribute (and $12) to MD - she being my all time favourite actress 'n all. One must give her full credit for making a comeback and what a fantastic figure she cut after having two kids! Very commendable!
Have brought back a ton of books from India and am making my way slowly but surely through them. So watch this space for some book reviews.

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