Thursday, June 05, 2008


So it has happened, I have crossed over, am towing the line - I'm a quarter centurion!
Yesterday was excellent and a big hug and thank you to everyone who called, emailed, texted, orkutted and Facebooked with wishes!
It hit home harder than ever before that I have so many people who think of me and wish me well. It is rather overwhelming but mostly it is - reassuring.
I'm off home tomorrow for the long weekend. NZ beckons and much as I would like to say that it won't really be time off since I have to write thesis and other things that I've (stupidly) got myself into - its home and if I can get past the long chats over cups of tea in the balcony and watching TV and generally lazing around in the cold - I will try to get work done.


Achint said...

if i've never told you how good it feels to read your posts, i'm doing it now..

Amrita said...

Thanks Achint :-D really appreciate all the encouragement and the comments!