Friday, June 13, 2008

The Haul - wrapped, sealed and delivered!

The Finale!!: Megz's gift finally arrived and I picked it up from the PO and eagerly opened it up to reveal a lovely fondue maker complete with Belgian Chocolate!! Needless to say it is going to be a weekend filled with chocolatey goodness. My parents gave me a gorgeous necklace with a diamond pendant (among other things!) and Vatsa and the MOTH added to it with a Borders gift card!
A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to everyone, honestly this has been a very very memorable birthday. I do not measure the success of the event in monetary terms (although even if I did, this birthday would win hands down!) instead, it has surpassed all others in terms of thoughtfulness and the sheer effort put in by the people dear to me, to make it special for me! *sniff sniff* - just for this I want to turn 25 again next year! *wide toothy grin*

- afterthought: The 'bro-in-law' referred to cousin yes, G is not yet married!

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OnCloud9 said...

Yayyyy!! :)