Friday, December 19, 2008

I just want to talk. Sit down and talk. To somebody. Anybody.
Tell them about the tumultuous year it has been.
Talk about the atrocities we have seen.
Talk about the joy in-between.
This year has been a mix beyond comprehension. I am at a complete and total loss not just for words but for thoughts and feelings too. There has been immense joy and extreme pain. There has been unfathomed success and unimaginable failure. There has been a sense of foreboding and in almost every case it has ballooned into some result.
My sister said yesterday - 'Do you think 2009 will be better'? I said 'How much worse can it get?'
My wish for 2009 - 'Safety and happiness for all mankind'.


Athena said...

For people who have lead tumultous lives from birth,2008 was just another year.Budi, who was illiterate, but very wise use to tell me that every human being is born with their share of joy, sorrow, etc., etc., and we have to experience it here, in this life.
And as things can't get any worse , they can only get better.
Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009

Ashanka said...

Oye, Where you been? You ok?? My resolution for 2009 is simply to be nice to everyone and earn good karm