Friday, January 25, 2013

Whilst on my customary Skype call with the mother, she was expressing her sincerest hope that 2013 would be a better year than the one that passed.
2012 was a good year for me - professionally more than personally. There were terrible losses on the family front but somewhere I found the strength to cope, re-organised my life in the latter half the year, bettered my health and even accomplished the hitherto unimaginable task of sleeping early and becoming the proverbial early bird.

2013 on the other hand has not started off well. Strangely unforeseen things have happened cheating me of a well deserved break and also peace of mind at work. But one shall  persevere.
2013 promises to be a strange year and I almost get a sense that it will have massive crests and crushing troughs. It comes with a sense of foreboding for me - a strange feeling that I need to keep looking over my shoulder and around corners, cross my 'I's and dot my 'T's , yes you read that right - it will be a year for extra caution!
It will bring questions that for the life of me I will not be able to answer - like why is 'honour' associated with a women and not a man and which man decided this?
Is doping in sports wrong if you can inspire generations, pull a sport out of oblivion and into the spotlight and raise millions of dollars for a cause?
Do people that didn't 'invest' hundreds of thousands into their degrees not deserve good salaries? Ok granted the last one is not quite in the same league but it deserves an answer all the same.
I know that this year the world and large, and I, a small part of it, will face these questions. Questions that have no answers now, that only time will answer.
What this year will teach me (I sincerely hope) is to be true to my 'cause' in the face of all obstacles. To realise that a whole is always bigger than the sum of its parts, to realise once again what and who is important. I also hope that this year is 'calm' in spite of everything. That while my legs are running, my brain can walk. And that at the end of it all I can go home.

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