Tuesday, February 12, 2013

There isn't much to say really but I remember reading somewhere that it is more important to write when you have nothing to say than when you have something to say. Ok, so maybe I made that up but it sounds plausible enough!
This morning I feel ok. Dare I say g o o d even. The last few days have had a strange sense of melancholy about them. Unrest, unsettled. Today feels more like me. I'm still looking forward to the rest of the day post 4 pm without a coffee yet and that in itself speaks volumes for motivation!
Tasks keep switching burners but I often find myself in an odd spot - having made a career out of what I 'really wanted to do', I now need to find something else I really want to do. So when someone asks the question - what do you do? -  I can tell them what I do for a living without having to add that this is also what I've always wanted to do, paycheck or no pay check, but actually yes pay check.

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