Monday, March 03, 2008

Another book review among other goings on.

'Infidel' by Ayaan Hirsi Ali is another in the growing pile of 'life of Islamic women' type books that I have read of late. This time the setting is Africa and the tale just as gruesome as any other told hitherto. At first I assumed that the incidents narrated in these books had been largely exaggerated and over-dramatised to create a strong selling point. However, after reading so many, first hand accounts, it is hard to ignore the single most important message in them all. I will refrain from stating that message here but it is plain to those that read.
I am as yet undecided of whether books are to be maintained as accounts for posterity or treated as a cry for help. If one should read them for knowledge or glean from them an understanding of a problem that underlies our global society and is affecting humanity.
At times I am gripped with anger and a sense of urgency that makes me want to quit this rat-race altogether and take on the world for these women. At other times I feel hopeless or worse still don't feel much at all!
The book really takes off in the last hundred pages. As Ayaan describes how she came to terms with her religion, God and the lack of humanity I was left open-mouthed at the bold frankness of it all. I was equally amazed and shocked at the simplicity with which she has listed shortcomings and solutions. Truly a bold book!

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