Thursday, March 27, 2008

A reason to smile!

Incidentally, seems like Easter (at least the start of it) was a time of good tidings. I got upgraded to business class on my Sydney-Auckland flight. Things like this just don't happen to me. As I handed over my passport to the rather sombre lady at the Lan counter she typed away and then took my boarding pass and went off to an adjacent counter and promptly proceeded to wave the said pass all over another lady's face gesturing madly. 'I've had it!' I thought - somethings' wrong with my passport, maybe its that microscopic bend of the cover pages that I never smoothed out by keeping them under the mattress for a week, or worse still does my picture not look like me? Did I bring my sister's passport instead of mine?!
As the lady walked back to the counter I was all set to start sobbing in despair for waking up at 4 am and being tired and sleepy and now awaiting impending doom! She sat down and typed away again and then very conspiratorially whispered "We are giving you a complimentary upgrade to business class, enjoy your flight'. It took more than a few seconds for the magnitude of it all to register - business class?! me?! WoW! Because, you see, things like this don't happen to me.
My fate is more the kind where people behind me and in front of me and all around me will get upgrades and I will still have my economy ticket.
Anyway so momentary elation duly followed as I thought 'yippee' and 'they owe me one for all the money i've spent on air travel!', then momentary apprehension set in wherein I reasoned that since I have got the upgrade sure enough I would be seated next to a bawling baby for the next 3.5 hours, but then elation prevailed and I proceeded to enjoy the thought of an upcoming business class journey all the while clutching the boarding pass tight.
And rightly so, I board the flight just to see that all and sundry have been upgraded and the person seated next to me was so big he needed an extension to the standard seatbelt!
However, the seats were comfortable, the service passable and barring the man seated next to me who proceeded to recline his seat rather far back and fall into a noisy slumber, the journey was worth it. Would I pay for a Business Class seat on Lan Chile - not even if I had money to throw away! But I will take the complimentary upgrade with a rather large smile on the face!

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