Friday, March 07, 2008

Quantum nature of life

Nothing in life is black or white. Things are both black and white all at once until they are discussed. Once discussed they are set to either black or white.


Achint said...

oh, very nice! heisenberg would be very proud of you :)

Anonymous said...

what if two simultaneous discussions lead to opposing answers?


Amrita said...

Achint - Thanks :-D!

Harry - Interesting point! This is precisely the difference between science and life. Although in the case of Quantum Mechanics, it seems more a matter of believing in a 'more plausible' theory than the 'reality' of it all - therefore string theorists believe in string theory and quantum physicists don't. If two simultaneous discussions lead to opposing answers then one is free to choose which one they would believe in I guess.

Kamesh said...

I guess black and white are just a part of the boundaries.

And things in life really seem more and more like fractals - you can go on and on infinitely treading the boundary (and seeking patterns that may sometimes contradict one another), or just feel one with the expanse that the boundary binds in just one single moment :)