Monday, April 07, 2008

C'est la vie

If you had asked me six months back where in life I was I would have sworn to all my Gods and all of yours that I had officially dismounted the roller-coaster. Turns out man proposes and fate disposes - I' am very much back on the roller coaster. So much so that events have taken a turn not just for the unexpected but for the downright bizarre and so much remains to be sorted out and taken care of that lately I've been feeling like an intruder in my own skin.
I'm craving time, perspective and introspection. I'm craving answers to all the whys and wherefores. And until then I am taking life one hassle at a time!
'Good luck' you might say. 'I need a miracle' - I might reply. And in my heart of hearts the miracle doesn't seem too far off.

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