Thursday, May 22, 2008

All the things she said....

all the things she said
running through my head
running through my head

My head is a right potpourri of thoughts! I wanted to write about a conversation with my sister yesterday where we established that Canberra hardens you physically, mentally and emotionally and the scars remain etched on your being forever. I also wanted to talk about the caste system and its relevance in modern day Indian society. But the demands of daily k are calling and I will have to go and model a shoddy waveguide on an even shoddier computer simulation tool.
Woe is me.
On a brighter note, as Canberra hits sub zero temperatures, I'm off to reasonably warmer Sydney to see my dad who is visiting for the weekend! :-) Can't hardly wait.

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Ashanka Iddya said...

"Model a shoddy waveguide"

Do you not know that one is not supposed to talk about work type og things here geek!

Oh give my love to Darren