Monday, May 12, 2008

To Ma

It was Mother's Day yesterday and when I wished mine last night she first paused for a moment and said 'About time!'. There you have it folks - presenting to you - my mother!
Strength is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of my mother. To me she is the epitome of strength - mental, physical and emotional. I have been told that I have grown to become a lot like her and this has, time and again, resulted in many a conflict between us. She believes in fierce loyalty and brutal honesty. She is nothing if not real and sincere and while there are several things I wish she had done differently - like looked after herself a little more and us a little less - I realise that she was just being a mother.
I believe that we are all evolved versions of our parents (for better or for worse, time will tell) and even though there are marked differences between the way my mother and I think - every time I do anything her voice rings in my ears.
She might not believe it but my home is clean (to her standards!) and my dishes are done and my life is organised - thanks to her. She has taught my sister and I the finer things in life like simple living and high thinking, music, dance and appreciation for art and fine language. She has taught us etiquette and the importance of manners. She has taught us to hold our head high and never fear if we are right. And all this she has taught by example.
I know that over the years I have caused her much elation and some disappointment and I'm sure that the years to follow will be no different. So without much further ado I would just like to wish her a very Happy Mother's Day and tell her that I really have been craving her presence (and food!).


aparna said...

Thanks, you give me more credit then I deserve,you are wonderful daughters and make me proud.

Ashanka Iddya said...

well I didn't wish mine coz I absolutely forgot and its more a westen phenom any way

Now you've gone and made me all guilty :(