Friday, May 16, 2008

Of this, that and the other

So it was another average day and since my eyelids started drooping shortly before tea time I decided to hit the gym a good 3 hours before the customary 6 pm. As I walked toward the changing rooms this rather good looking guy walking behind me caught up with me and I gave him the once over (approvingly) in my head as my eyes moved from head to toe I saw that he not only had a good looking face and a well cut body but he had .... well cut, waxed legs! Now I don't know if this is a common occurrence but the gym is usually filled with well toned guys and none of them, till date, has strutted about flaunting waxed legs! That was a complete and total what-the moment for me.
Incidentally, can someone please pass a law against shorts so short that they don't cover anything and I'm sure it is already a law that one must wear something inside the shorts too! I'm going to the gym to work out and feel those calories burning. As you stretch, I do not want to be accorded with a view that will make me squirm and generally feel disgusted for, possibly, the rest of the evening!
Now before you start thinking that all I do is look up people's clothes and at people's legs ... please don't think it.
Other than all that it is Friday again and I can't believe how the week has flown! Seriously people there has got to be a better explanation for how time flies. Hope you all have a good weekend and .. err.. a happy new year?


~nm said...

eewww at those peek-a-boos! I can truly imagine how disgusting it must feel.

Achint said...

maybe he is a swimmer.. or maybe, he just lost a bet :)

Amrita said...

@ ~nm : Thanks nm :-D, it is very disgusting indeed and something needs to be done!!

@ achint - maybe maybe, I should ask one of these days yeah? :-D