Thursday, February 18, 2010

Observations from the new land

So it has been a week in Brussels. A cold week. A relatively good week.
And already I feel qualified to talk about Brussels in passing - 'Oh! that's Brussels for you'
So from my vantage point this is what I feel obliged to tell you.

- The Belgians are not used to the snow!
- There is a Belgian Standard Time like Indian Standard Time (and it ranges from a few hours to never!)
- If it's broke, don't fix it
- If you call someone about it, they won't know what you are talking about
- If they do, they will say that they'll call you back - and they won't!

- Belgian humour takes getting used to.
- Inappropriate websites are not blocked at work (as was unwittingly demonstrated by a guy who shares my office)
- People function without drinking water!
- The average response time for email queries is 1 week (and this for something simple like "What is your phone number")
- EVERYTHING available to eat outside of lunch and dinner hours is sweet!

- Random things happen here, like naked people at perfectly respectable clubs and orange throwing at carnivals.

At the end of every day though, as I walk the 5 mins from my workplace to 'home', which is actually a double room with attached bath and kitchenette, wondering if the elevator has fixed itself , I feel strangely 'in place' in this quaint city. Maybe it is because I was born in the wrong era, or maybe it's because of my love for all things cobblestoned.
Either ways - it could be home!


Achint said...

Sounds like a sleepy city. The good kind.

Amrita said...

It is!!! :-D