Monday, February 22, 2010

With friends like these....

One has a fantastic time!
So London is the new Sydney (and by extension, Brussels is my new Canberra in all senses of the word). A weekend away in London was had for a second time and once again, thanks to my awesome friends, I come away feeling great (and a little sad at having to leave).
Comedy store, huge Indian lunch, Tayyabs for dinner, moroccan tea, mulled wine and bag shopping along with great conversation and good friends - I can't think of a better recipe for a relaxing weekend. It is brilliant having friends who, so willingly, open up their homes to you and free their schedules. Thanks Pinks and My3 and I hope to return the hospitality.
Its strange how life gives you exactly what you want - not what you think you want at that point in time, but what you really would like deep down. No more, no less.
When I was but a wide-eyed teenager, it was my dream to hop trains across Europe, 'If its Tuesday, this must be Belgium' - type of life. And now I have it.
Here's to making the most of it!

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