Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogger alternates between English and Dutch (Flemish) so right now I'm not 'Blog Maken', I'm Aanmelden.
It's t-shirt weather y'all! Finally stepped out without at jacket/jumper at 8 pm last night and it was beautiful! The streak continues today and I'm thinking it might be Abhinav, the chap landed up at my doorstep yesterday morning to surprise me and brought with him the good weather! Nicely done, *high five*!
I was walking past a colleague's office this morning. She's a post doc in the type of stuff that I did before landing this job. As I walked back to my office it hit me that that might have been me!
I could have landed some sort of post-doc passing light through things and reading papers that I didn't understand and basically dreading the rest of my life.
Instead I did something that I, in a million years, would have not thought myself capable of. I gave up the chance to do a pure Physics post-doc, gave up a relatively high paying job to move across the world and dive head first into uncertainty. And every time I get frustrated at work, I question my decision. I question my judgment.
But today, when I saw my colleague, I realised that I did not want to be her right now. Maybe in a few years when I feel the love for Physics the way I did as a lowly undergrad. But not now.
Right now, I like what I am doing. Most importantly because not many people get paid to do something that they wouldn't mind doing for no money at all!
So watch out kids of Europe, here we come to teach you Physics!

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Vatsa said...

"Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you" :-)

And I have to give Abhinav the "most romantic act of the year" award! Bet you were thrilled to your boots :-)