Monday, March 08, 2010

It is 4.20 on a sunny Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting by the window, with the wind howling outside, sipping tea and biting into a flaky chocolate croissant. Yes, the resolutions to eat only salads and no carbs after six have flown out the window - new resolution being to work out twice as much tomorrow.
I was thinking up a list of 'Weekend absolutely do-not's' while making dinner last night and here is the list
1. Work!
2. Eat cereal for breakfast; this, to me, is the ultimate weekend mood killer. Weekends are meant either to eat sumptuous breakfasts dripping in fat stuff and sweet stuff or to starve till lunch and which is dripping with... you get the drift.
3. Work!
4. Work out; I salute anyone who works up the motivation to hit the gym, go for a run, cycle or generally put on them training shoes and manage to break a sweat due to exercise that does not involve dashing for a moving tram that gets you to a shop/cafe/bistro/club.
5. Work!
6. Go to the office (to pick up work!): This does not include going to the office to print/download/have lunch/coffee or any 'social' or 'socially associated' reason
7. Clean: Now this is not a weekend do-not for me but, turns out, that it is for the spouse to be! He has specifically 'requested' that cleaning type activities be relegated to work type days and when in Europe one will do like the homeless (for the want of a better simile) and take off on a trip every weekend! Although how much traveling is done remains to be seen.
8. Make the bed: The sign of a lazy weekend (hence, one well spent!) is an unmade bed and the crawling of self into said bed at regular intervals with laptop in hand and a cup of hot beverage (specially on winter weekends).

Consequently where there is a do-not list, one must specify what to do.
Eat, sleep in, read, write, blog, drink, walk around and take in the surroundings, enjoy the leisure and make sure that you take time out to smell the roses.

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