Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Londoners vacationed in Brussels this weekend past and I should chronicle the happenings before the eyelids droop any further.
As an aside, it has been a Herculean task getting through today without dozing off on my desk and smacking my head on the same. And, of course, time crawls, to play its part in heightening the agony.
So, as previously mentioned, Brussels played host to the London friends this weekend and, in true bizarre fashion, it did rather well!
While the initial plan included tackling the sights and sounds of the city with full gusto, ticking off each major landmark as done and generally waking up early and setting off to make the most of each day - only some of the plan saw the light of day.
What happened instead was much, much better!
Beer, fries, waffles and chocolates - tick.
Grand Place, Mannakin Pis, Delirium, Atomium, tour bus - tick
Food, paani puri (!!) and more food - tick
late nights, laughing, conversation, good-natured ribbing, more laughing - tick
Another excellent weekend - tick!

I realise that most of my holiday posts seem to be rather brief, but this is how I come away from a holiday. Very few specifics and lots of feelings, thoughts and images.
For places come and places go but the memories (and the ticket stubs I collect!) live forever.

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