Thursday, March 11, 2010

Now that this, hitherto dormant, space has been revived I thought I should give the old gal some polishing. Much in the style of re-painting houses the blog now has a new look and so far I like!
So as many of you that read this blog, and several others that don't there is impending something arriving in the form of the wedding in June that is happening contrary to all expectations.
Yes, mine.
So I have been told that I must introduce the unfortunate 'soon to be spouse and bearer of all brunt' on this blog. I must admit that I have tried before and I cannot come up with a smart name for him (a smarta*se name yes, but not a smart one). It is most difficult to find a name that combines what he means to me as well as appeals to my sarcastic senses. Of course several options were considered and vetoed. These included 'UO' for Unfortunate Other, that is 2 blank spaces and so on but - just as I have not 'hidden' my name on this blog, yes it is Amrita, I see no point in hiding his. His name is Abhinav.
So everyone wave hello and now that the niceties have been taken care of, and rather well one might say! we can move on. Google says that 'Abhinav' means 'Young, new, innovative'. Is he? He is as young as his age permits, he is new to this blog and he is innovative in finding ways to annoy me!
He is also one of the most brilliant scientists I know, patient to a fault and honest beyond all measure.
How I landed him - well as the age old saying goes 'good things happen to good people' (or, I prefer it in Punjabi, 'neki kar puttar neki pa').
How he landed me - that story remains to be told.
So we are taking the plunge and hoping that the bungee cord holds up against the tensions of life. Wish us luck and see you at the wedding!

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